The Veggie Life!

Something happened last July 9th at “Sarnia Veg Fest 2017” in Canatara Park that the over thirty attending vendors never expected…they were selling out of everything they brought by mid afternoon due to the thousands of people that attended. The turnout exceeded all expectations for the first of what the organizers hope will become an annual event, and truly demonstrated Sarnia’s interest in the Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.

Green Drinks Sarnia is pleased to welcome Patricia Mancini as discussion Leader on November 8 at 6:30pm. Patricia will talk about her journey in switching to a Whole Food Plant Based diet.

In Patricia’s words:

 “For most of my adult life I held an interest in the connection between food and health. Reading many books on the subject as well as watching documentaries. I gave dairy up many years ago and noticed the health benefits from that small change. As well, when my husband travelled, I had the tendency to forgo meat in many of my meals and noticed a difference in how I felt physically.

Being an active individual, a few years ago I began training with a woman who was an amazing athlete and a vegetarian. I made the decision to transition to a fully plant based diet, while training for a short distance triathlon. Unsure of the outcome of a drastic change several weeks before an event, I was pleasantly surprised to find my running and breathing came easier and a rapid recovery after the event.

Convinced this was the right thing for me, I continued following a whole food plant based diet, with some little set-backs now and again. In 2015, after retiring from my job, I found that I truly enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen and that it was fun to prepare meals. Later that year, I took the Forks Over Knives On-Line Cooking Course with one of my friends. It was a comprehensive course that gave me even more confidence in following the plant based lifestyle.”

Patricia attended Dr. John McDougall’s ten-day live-in program Based in Santa Rosa, California, Dr. McDougall & his wife, Mary have been long time advocates for the whole food plant based lifestyle. His patients have avoided surgeries and have been able to either eliminate or drastically reduce medications.

The program, backed by decades of research, covered the health benefits of a whole food plant based diet, how to understand what can be confusing food labels, the psychology of why “diets” fail, cooking demonstrations and field trips.

Benefits to health and wellness, as well as environmental benefits of this lifestyle will also be discussed.

Please join us on November 8 at 100 Christina Street where we just might have some vegan snacks to try.

Green Drinks Sarnia is a monthly environmental discussion forum whose purpose is to create a friendly atmosphere from which to look at current issues that affect us with a balanced view.  Each month a topic is selected and a person knowledgeable about the topic is asked to lead the discussion.

Green Drinks Sarnia happens on the second Wednesday of every month.

Green Drinks Sarnia is held at 100 Christina Street in downtown Sarnia.

Green Drinks Sarnia is always agenda free.

And perhaps most important Green Drinks Sarnia is always free to attend.