The &’s Count

For those who know local musician Mike Blackmore, they are aware that he is the kind of talent that enjoys changing it up and surprising his audience.  That is his intent once again when he plays at Cheeky Monkey during the July 7th First Friday in downtown Sarnia.

His most recent metamorphous has him going under the moniker of Blackmore & Blackmore.  Mike having a wicked sense of humour, this billing is his way of saying he is playing ‘beside himself’.  With the use of a looping machine, Mike can record a few notes or bars of music to repeat as a background to his playing guitar  and singing over the recorded piece.  Therefore creating Blackmore & Blackmore.

To go one step further, during Record Store Day at Cheeky Monkey this past April, Mike added yet another dimension and talent to play along with him.   With the addition of multi-instrumentalist Dwayne Cloes, Mike is now ‘Blackmore & Blackmore &’.

Dwayne’s musical history in Sarnia goes back to the days of the very popular band Streets.  In the last decade, he has been in several bands that have played at Cheeky Monkey including Soul Patch and Executive Monkey.  His current passion is playing the upright base in a rockabilly band that had their public debut at Cheeky Monkey for one set after Dwayne did his first ever solo performance during the September 2016 First Friday.  Now he is having fun playing as the second ‘&’ to Blackmore & Blackmore.

To hear for yourself how this newest collaboration sounds, stop into Cheeky Monkey at 130 Christina Street North from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. during the July 7th First Friday.  Prepare to be tapping your toes.