The Ontario Climate Change Action Plan

The MOECC has announced the CCMLCEA primarily to address GHGs… Still with me?

I think everyone agrees that the world needs to take some positive act ion. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions are controllable. And though it can be spun many ways, Cumulatively, Canada only emits 2% of the world GHG’s, however, per the capita ranking shows Canada at #1 (as in the worst).

A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister advised the provinces that if they did not impose some form of carbon taxing such as Cap and Trade, the federal government would.

So what does all of this mean to industry, waste disposal, home heating…to me?

At Green Drinks Sarnia on Wednesday, November 9 our discussion leader will be Joseph Lasowski an Environmental Engineer from CF Industries. Through his work with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and the Ontario Centre Of Excellence, Joe has a unique insight into the upcoming regulation.

The Climate Change Mitigation and Low Carbon Economy Act (CCMLCEA) provides the mandate and ability to mitigate the potential impacts of climate change with regard to greenhouse gas emissions. How this program will tie into other national and internat ional commitments including the Paris accord and Western Climate Initiative with an aggressive seven point action plan for investment and development will be discussed.

Green Drinks Sarnia is a monthly environmental discussion forum whose purpose is to create a friendly atmosphere from which to look at current issues that affect us with a balanced view. Each month a topic is selected and a person knowledgeable about the topic is asked to lead the discussion.

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At each session we provide a light snack from the One Tomato Kitchen’s Food Works grade seven healthy eating and cooking Program. Beer and Wine is also available for sale.