The Good Deeds Project Launch


Sarnia, Ontario will soon be shining on the map for the amazing city that it is. Many people in this community devote their lives to supporting and improving the well-being of others through a huge range of social services, businesses, art and holistic endeavors. The Sarnia community will be the first featured city in a documentary featuring the power of good deeds.


Local resident Laura Louise Persichetti will be hosting a global movement through a documentary she calls The Good Deeds Project. The Good Deeds Project is a journey from the east coast to the west coast doing good deeds all along the way and featuring others who are doing good deeds, while capturing it into a documentary.

This movement was inspired as a result of suicide prevention. Persichetti believes that the ultimate suicide prevention is learning to live a life that you love to be part of.

Sarnia will be the home of the Good Deeds Project Launch on April 4th, 2014. The event will be held downtown at Memorable Moments at 148 Front Street. This is a feel-good event created to build awareness on the Good Deeds Project and global movement.

The Good Deeds Project is asking for volunteers to join in the event by creating teams of 8 to take part in a local scavenger hunt downtown in Sarnia for First Friday April 4th beginning at 5:00 PM. One individual with a dream can use the power of energy through thoughts, words and actions; however, when a group of 8 individuals come together to share the same energy focus through thoughts, words and actions, the dream is lifted into an energy of infinity. These teams of 8 are not just teams that take part in an uplifting and fun experience, but also they are the foundation to creating a dream into a reality.

If you believe in the power to dream, you are called to make a team.

When a community comes together with a shared focus to live in a safe, supportive and giving environment that is fun, active and joyous, the collective energy will create just that.

This event is promised to be a feel-good experience to give and to receive the power of good deeds.

If you are interested in volunteering a team, please submit your email application to: [email protected]. One participant from each team will need to submit the following information: team name with team members’ first and last names, email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers.

The cost is free, no deadline. Show up that night!