The Butterfly Effect

“A power of Butterfly must be –
The Aptitude to fly
Meadows of Majesty concedes
And easy Sweeps of Sky -”
― Emily Dickinson


They are quoted often as self-propelled or floating flowers. Everyone is aware of the beauty of Butterflies and that beauty is only eclipsed by their contributions to the eco-systems in which they thrive. Butterflies are an indicator species that tell us about the health of our environment. Since they are sensitive to climate change, pollution in the air and water, and any other changes in their environment, Butterflies help us to determine the health of our surroundings. Areas rich in Butterflies are also rich in other invertebrates. Collectively, they provide a wide range of environmental benefits.

Butterflies are the third most populace pollinator behind only bees/wasps and flies. Make no mistake; we are facing a pollinator crisis. As advanced as we think we are, we still haven’t figured out how to produce food without pollinators. Unlike many of our environmental issues, the pollinator crisis is something everyone can help with no matter who or where you are.

How you ask? At Green Drinks Sarnia on August 9, we will feature Karen Durance as our discussion leader on “Attracting and Raising Butterflies in My Garden”. Karen was born and raised in Sarnia and has been a regular participant at Green Drinks Sarnia for a number of years. Karen has always been interested in her flower gardens, but after a visit to her friend Tom, and seeing how he was raising Monarchs, Karen was hooked.

Karen will walk us through how she got started and what works for her and perhaps more importantly, what didn’t.

Everyone can do his or her part by planting a pollinator garden. Whether you live on a farm or plant your garden in a pot on your apartment balcony you can help out. There are many resources where you can find out what types of plants attract what Butterfly. Talk to your local representative from Return the Landscape, Lambton Wildlife, or Nature’s Way for tips and tricks. Did you know that there is a North American Butterfly Association that will provide listings of both native and even some alien plants in your area that can provide nectar as well as those native plants that provide food for each type of Butterfly? If you like, you can even have your garden registered and certified with NABA.

Green Drinks Sarnia is a monthly environmental discussion forum whose purpose is to create a friendly atmosphere from which to look at current issues that affect us with a balanced view.  Each month a topic is selected and a person knowledgeable about the topic is asked to lead the discussion.

Green Drinks Sarnia happens on the second Wednesday of every month.

Green Drinks Sarnia is held at 100 Christina Street in downtown Sarnia.

Green Drinks Sarnia is always agenda free.

And perhaps most important Green Drinks Sarnia is always free to attend.

At each session, we provide a light snack from the One Tomato Kitchen’s – Food Works grade seven healthy eating and cooking program.  Beer and Wine are also available.