Socially Responsible Investing: A Global Movement

From “Act Naturally” to “Zero Deficit” and all of the oxymora in between, “Socially Responsible Investing” and “Ethical Corporations” seem to be at odds. But, can you have it both ways? Socially Responsible investors aim to make a positive difference in the world, and also get a good return.

Green Drinks Sarnia welcomed a discussion leader Michael John Kooy, PhD.

Mr. Kooy, a Sarnian born and raised holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford, and spent several years working in higher education in the UK and France before joining RBC Dominion Securities. Michael specializes in serving business owners and senior professionals, overseeing investment portfolios as well as advising clients on retirement planning, charitable giving and socially responsible investing.

The evening was dedicated to exploring the history of ethical investing as well as discussing current trends both in Canada and around the world. Also, the following questions were addressed.

  • How do companies measure and promote ethical performance?
  • What are some of the best strategies that I can use to invest my money ethically?
  • How can I avoid making mistakes when investing in Socially Responsible companies?
  • What are social impact bonds?
  • What kind of return can I expect?

Green Drinks is a monthly informal gathering to socialize, network and learn about the sustainability issues and initiatives that affect your environmental, social and economic life presented with a fun, respectful and light vibe. At Green Drinks you will meet business owners, community leaders, concerned citizens, educators and more. Green Drinks are open to everyone and are agenda free.

by Dave Watson

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