Sherri Davis

Sherri Davis had an idyllic childhood growing up in small town Ontario, Canada in the 1970’s with a b&w TV, only 2 channels and miles of wilderness that was her playground.

Sherri was introduced to photography in a film and developing class during college. Photography became a hobby that she pursued off and on until the birth of her oldest child in 2007, when she set aside her film camera and developed a passion for digital photography. Sherri has spent the ensuing years honing her craft and developing her style and voice.

Like Sally Mann, she prays to the angels of uncertainty while shooting and embraces the weird, wonderful and imperfect that seems to find her at the most unexpected times. Whether that is when she is shooting in her children in their backyard pool with an inexpensive point & shoot, or when she she freelenses with a DSLR, disconnecting her lens from the camera body and hand holding the lens in a way that allows imperfect focusing and gives an ethereal feel to her images, which have been described by a National Geographic Editor as “lyrical: disconnected from reality, but still held in it’s grip.”

Sherri’s work has been shown in panel competitions in both Canada and the US, and she recently had her first solo show. In 2015 she was named by Clickin Mom’s on their 100 Photographers To Watch list, and she has had 11 images selected by National Geographic for their Daily Dozen blog. Sherri lives in rural Lambton County, Ontario with her husband Blake, their two children, along with a dog, a cat and an assortment of chickens on a century farm. She is a regular contributor to the photography blogs Kids Were Here and Our Year Of Stories.

For more information, please visit Sherri’s website.