Residential Energy Efficiency

Interested in learning some smart strategies to save money on your hydro bill?

David Mackay is a man with answers. Mr. Mackay is the Conservation and Demand Side Management (“CDM”) Coordinator at Bluewater Power. He has over 15 years’ experience in the private and public sector delivering energy efficiency solutions to both the mass residential market and commercial and industrial customers.

Bluewater Power is a municipally owned utility company that distributes electricity to approximately 36,000 customers in Sarnia, Petrolia, Point Edward, Watford, Alvinston and Oil Springs.

Mackay has spoken with Green Drinks Sarnia in the past to address energy use in the home by providing conservation tips and information on residential energy efficiency incentive initiatives.

Other topics included off peak usage, energy star rated appliances, LED light bulbs, insulation, double and triple paned windows, and high-efficiency furnaces.

We all want to know what will give us the most “bang” for our buck and what might get us some bucks back. Green Drinks Sarnia is a place to go to learn not only about the environment around you but how best to exist in relationship with the earth.

Green Drinks Sarnia is a monthly environmental discussion forum whose purpose is to create a friendly atmosphere from which to look at current issues that affect us with a balanced view.  Each month a topic is selected and a person knowledgeable about the topic is asked to lead the discussion.

Green Drinks Sarnia happens on the second Wednesday of every month.

Green Drinks Sarnia is held at 100 Christina Street in downtown Sarnia.

Green Drinks Sarnia is always agenda free.

And perhaps most important Green Drinks Sarnia is always free to attend.

At each session, we provide a light snack from the One Tomato Kitchen’s – Food Works grade seven healthy eating and cooking program.  Beer and Wine are also available.