New Exhibitions at JNAAG

Stop at the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery and take in the new exhibitions.

A Keen Eye: Early Donors is the second segment of the Share the Passion: Gifts of Art series featuring a sliver of the communities most beloved works. Collecting art is an essential and vital part of a public art gallery. The keen eye of donors is not to be underestimated as a healthy collection is greatly enhanced by their generosity. Take a glimpse at the origins of the gallery’s permanent collection, featuring some of the original works purchased by the Sarnia’s Woman’s Conservation Art Association in the 1920s.

Signposts and Traces: The Lost Ash of Canatara by local artist Mary Abma. Through small, handmade objects, Abma lovingly memorializes over sixty trees that were culled at Canatara Park in 2015. Inspired by Victorian mourning art, the collection of objects include memorial cards, cabinet cards, lockets and other jewellery, “hair” art featuring curls from ash wood, and lachrymatories—“tear bottles” in which the tears of mourners were said to be kept. For more information about Abma’s Ast Tree projects visit

Other exhibits include Elusive Utopia featuring the paintings of local artist Ian McLean alongside the work of Renee Van Halm, Matthew Carver and Kevin Yates and Winter Light, three poetic video works by Petrolia artist Jane Austin continues.