Measuring the Pulse of Southwestern Ontario’s Coastal Areas

The Great Lakes shoreline represents the longest freshwater coast in the world. In Canada, most of the Great Lakes shoreline occurs within Ontario. How these shorelines are managed is of provincial, national, and global importance. To improve the health and integrity of shoreline ecosystems within protected areas in Southwestern Ontario, Ontario Parks with support from the Canada-Ontario-Agreement (COA) has initiated a review and evaluation of the ecological and recreational health of Provincial Park shorelines.

Jenni Kaija is assistant ecologist for Ontario Parks South West Zone. She majored in Marine and Freshwater Biology can speak to the initial findings of this study and how these findings can lend themselves to the restoration of shoreline ecosystem projects outside of provincial parks.

Striking a healthy balance between the ecology and people enjoying the recreational aspects of the beaches with provincial parks is one of the goals. With the results of this study, areas for restoration and repair can be targeted across the zone.

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