Making it Slow and Thoughtful

If you were to look at Made Collective’s website right now, beyond the gorgeous photography and thoughtfully crafted products you’d notice two words on repeat.

Sold out.

At just over a month old, Made Collective has experienced every store owners dream or nightmare – too much demand, and not enough product.

But for Alison McKinnon and her partners Stephanie Ouellette and Naomi Colquhoun it’s all part of the learning process.

“The thing with handmade is it takes time. It’s not like you can order another twenty of something like that,” says Alison.

It’s one of the best things about Made Collective’s selection – everything from the dryer balls to the greeting cards is one of a kind.

The Made Collective has streamlined the process of purchasing these handmade gifts by conveniently placing them all in one location.

“It takes a lot to make something. To then promote it, take a picture of it, put it on your own website to sell it and ship it – all of that takes time away from the actual making,” says Alison.

By splitting the work between the three of them, the Made Collective has taken over all the responsibilities beyond production for the makers.

“What we wanted to do was support makers,” says Allison. “Let’s say there are some makers that don’t have a strong marketing presence. Well we can do that for you. We’ll sell your things and we’ll be your marketing.”

Leaving makers to make.

In addition to giving makers a break on retailing, Alison and her partners have made it a goal to offer a space for makers to teach their skills.

We don’t want to lose all these arts and crafts that we know how to do, says Alison.

Through workshops, Made Collective brings people together to teach and carry on the tradition of making.

And Sarnia loves it.

“Because of the popularity of the work shops we are going to try and offer them two nights back to back,” says Alison.

From wool felting, to tea making, the Made Collective is interested in spreading the joy and knowledge of taking the time to make it slow. And make it thoughtful.

In the meantime, for those looking to explore some of the makers and their wares and their stories be sure to stop by the Made Collectives Pop Up Shop at Artwalk June 2-4 at 181 Christina Street North.

For more information about upcoming workshops and items check out the Made Collective at

And on Facebook and Instagram @madecollectiveca