Writing for Herself & Others

Local visionary, teacher, herbalist and spiritual coach Jessica Smalls can add one more profession to her already teeming list – author.

Founder of Budding Hearts Academy in Sarnia, Jessica was inspired to take her lessons from the business and print them.  Her recently released “Foundation of Fire” is a book to guide her clients and others in recognizing and standing in their own power.

“When I met new people who came for assistance I realized that because I live these lessons I had a difficult time remembering what I do and didn’t always have enough time to share it all.  Putting it all in one space allows people access to all the basics, or the “crumb” on top the iceberg as I prefer to refer to it,” explains Jessica.

Taking her business to print wasn’t simply for her clients. Writing her story allowed Jessica to explore where she was, and the journey she had taken into the present.

“The whole writing process was a personal development process in and of itself.  The most moving part was the reflection on every major aspect of the learning I have done,” says Jessica.

Struggling with the feeling of inadequacy throughout her life, Jessica found the book helped to overtake that feeling of smallness with an enormous sense of accomplishment and confidence.

“Seeing how far I have come was both humbling and inspiring… and though I understand I have further to go, I took from the experience of reminding myself how far I have come, then I can get anywhere I am going,” says Jessica.

Using her own experiences as the groundwork for the guide, Foundation of Fire is built on the cornerstones Fundamentals, Intuition, Rituals and Expression. In addition to her own insights on these cornerstones, Jessica offers readers an opportunity to write and practice the exercises and rituals that can build habits of self care.

Jessica says that commitment to the practices shared in her guide can result in developing the type of trust that can attract unique opportunities into your life.

While she may be sharing lived experiences,  taking the time to write down her story has instilled the lessons of Foundation of Fire further into her own life.

“So many other opportunities have come from this one huge leap into myself,” Jessica says.

And hopefully they will continue to.

Jessica will be selling and signing copies of Foundation of Fire at Artopia on August 4th from 6-8pm. Join her with your current copy or pick one up at the event.

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