Energy Management On A Municipal Scale

At Green Drinks Sarnia, we are celebrating our 4th anniversary this month and we felt it very fitting to invite Cole Nadalin, one of the original coordinators of Green Drinks Sarnia, to talk about his new role as Certified Energy Manager and Supervisor of Energy Contracts for the City of Windsor.

Ontario’s cities and towns are tasked with reducing energy for operational savings, generating profit for numerous social initiatives, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions both corporately and throughout the municipality.

For local government, balancing cost savings and profitability with greenhouse gas emissions reduction is often a complex balancing act. Many times, conservation-focused initiatives are scrapped due to a rigid budget, schedule, or political viewpoint which impacts the long-term sustainability of a city for its citizens.

Cole Nadalin will lead the discussion on September 13th, on the topic of Municipal Energy Management. Cole previously served as Coordinator of Lambton College’s Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre.

Because of the diversity in size and nature of operations throughout a city’s portfolio of properties, maximizing energy efficiency for office buildings, sports complexes, community centers, and emergency and environmental services requires the cooperation of many individuals. Working closely with the City’s staff and local utilities, Cole identifies critical opportunities for improvement in electrical, water and wastewater, thermal energy, and natural gas systems, strategically aligning and leveraging measures for high-impact-low-risk investment toward Windsor’s overall energy performance.

Cole will present elements of Windsor’s recently released Corporate and Community Energy Plans and an overview of strategies for energy conservation and power generation for Ontario Municipalities, including technologies for new construction and retro-commissioning, methods for funding municipal energy projects, and his city’s plan for meeting its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

…And yes, there will be cake!

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