An Evening of Wild Cards

A newly formed local band is making music here in Sarnia.

Wild Cards may be new as a group but they’ve been honing their musical skills for many years in other various groups and duos.  Formed in early 2016, the four fun loving musicians began working on various cover songs, putting their own character into each one.  It didn’t take long to realize their chemistry and musical history each band member brings is a key component to their sound.  Their music playlist covers a lot of styles and eras with something to please every listener.  This band has a lot of fun with the joy of working together and  their quality musicianship shining through in each show they do.

Wild Cards is comprised of Renee Card (lead vocals, random smirks, killer dance moves and keyboards), Scott Vegh (bass, guitar, van, iced caps, backup vocals and hilarious remarks when he’s tired), Sara Campbell (guitar, sass, harmonica, hair, backup vocals) and Gerry Hawley (percussion, chief maker of trouble and general shenanigans, backup vocals).

Be sure to keep an eye out for this band coming to you live at upcoming First Friday Events.


Renee Card – While raising a young family, Renee has also been a lifelong musician, singing in several local bands such as “Dirrty Picasso” (sp), “Backup Jenny”, and “Power Supply”.  She is currently working in a duo act with Robert Todd as well as with Wild Cards, and has recently released her own cd, entitled “Set Free.”  Renee brings a great deal of blonde humour to the group, much to the delight of the rest of the band, along with that signature powerful voice.

Scott Vegh is Wild Cards’ own “happy guitar wizard”.  He has been involved with music his entire life.  Scott has worked in several local bands recently, including Erika & Sara, Shiloh Nauvoo, and Steadfast, to name a few.  It is in Steadfast where he first started playing bass guitar and working with drummer Gerry Hawley.  Because of Scott’s extensive experience and history as a guitarist, picking up the bass has been a natural fit for him and it shows with seemingly effortless work.  Because Gerry and Sara are locked in to each other’s rhythms, Scott is freed up to occasionally pick up an acoustic guitar for some lead work.  Wild Cards is convinced he plays bass to support his iced cappuccino habit, and is prone to hugging at any given time without warning.

Gerry Hawley also has played almost his entire life, having started drumming at the age of 4 when his parents realized the noises he made with wooden spoons had a natural rhythm.  To provide relief for the objects, pets, and siblings around the house, they put him behind a drum set.  He studied theory under London percussionist Wayne Smith (Gene Krupa) and it is from Wayne that Gerry developed the style that he uses, a hybrid of rock, blues and jazz.  It translates to reliable but unforced rhythms with quick, unobtrusive flourishes around the kit.  He started out playing in various churches (and continues to enjoy doing so today).  He has played in several bands of varying styles, while living in the London and St. Thomas area before a brief performing hiatus, spending time as a recording session drummer for hire. Gerry and Scott often team up and use each other’s sense of humour to keep things light in the band.   Having married and moved to Sarnia, eventually led to the formation of “Steadfast” in 2011 with Scott and Leigh Coltman.  In 2014, Scott and Gerry provided a backing band for Kira-Jade Nixon, dabbling briefly in country music before joining forces with “Erika and Sara”, adding “The Guys” to their already well -established act.

Sara Campbell began playing guitar and songwriting in her early teens, and began working with Erika Sit in high school.  They formed a duo and took Petrolia by storm in an assortment of venues, private and public.  Together with Erika, Sara toured in 2013 as an opening act for Emm Gryner, and has been part of a backing band for a visit and performance at SCITS by Chris Hadfield.   Sara brings plenty of light-hearted sassiness, flawless hair styles, increasingly strong vocals and rhythm guitar into the group.  Having worked with Gerry and Scott for 3 years, she is familiar with how each musician reads the other.  The ease with which she plays creates a comfortable familiarity on stage, and it translates to a relatable and enjoyable experience for the crowd.  At the time of writing this, she also wishes to convey her love for tacos.