A Wild Cards Kind of Night


Wild Cards are back at Cheeky Monkey, downtown Sarnia’s records and more store, during the November 3rd First Friday.  Consisting of four diverse and talented musicians, each with an interesting musical lineage, Wild Cards bring not only a high level of musical ability to a stage, but also a joyfulness of spirit.  This is a band that genuinely enjoy each others company and respect each other for what they bring to the group.

Band members of Wild Cards are Renee Card lead vocals and keyboard, Scott Vegh on bass and backup vocals, Sara Campbell of guitar, harmonica and backup vocals and on the drums and backing vocals is Gerry Hawley.  Renee with her gutsy, powerful voice adds the spice to every song they play while Sara’s excellent guitar skills create sumptuous textures that are kept rock steady by Scott and Gerry.  Because Gerry and Sara are locked in to each other’s rhythms, Scott is freed up to occasionally pick up an acoustic guitar for some lead work as well.

Their high level of camaraderie shines through on and off the stage.  When Scott was asked for biography information, Gerry chimed in that Scott loves ice caps and hugs.  Not that it is a talent in the music department, but suspect the gentle joking is a big part of what fuels Wild Cards, giving them all their ‘wild’ fun side.

This same evening of the November First Friday,  will also be the unveiling of an entirely new exhibit and sale of the original art by Bill Walters.  Both in 2016 and 2017, Bill gave himself a lofty goal.  His aim was to create 100 paintings within a calendar year.  He accomplished this task in 2016 and is on track to do it again for this year.  All this new work means never seeing the same piece twice as Cheeky Monkey’s “resident artist”.  His current method of painting is Plein Air which means leaving the four walls of his studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape – in the moment.  Bill can be seen quite often either along Sarnia’s riverfront or at Canatara Park capturing on canvas the beauty we may not see, but he does.

For an enjoyable evening of light hearted live music and appealing art,  stop into Cheeky Monkey located at 130 Christina Street North downtown Sarnia from 7:00 to 9:00 pm during the  November 3rd First Friday.  Since we know you will enjoy Wild Cards and want to see them again soon, they will be playing during the December 1st First Friday at Coffee Culture located just down the street from Cheeky Monkey.  Bill’s exhibit can be viewed and paintings purchased during regular business hours at Cheeky Monkey.


November 3rd First Friday 7:00-9:00 pm

Live music with Wild Cards

Original art exhibit & sale of works by Bill Walters

Cheeky Monkey, 130 Christina St. N Sarnia



Renee Card while raising a young family, has also been a lifelong musician, singing in several local bands such as Dirty Picasso, Backup Jenny, and Power Supply.

Sara Campbell began playing guitar and song writing in her early teens.  As half of the duo known simply as ‘Erika & Sara’ they took Lambton County by storm in an assortment of venues.  They also toured in 2013 as an opening act for Emm Gryner, and where part of a backing band for Chris Hadfield.

 Scott Vegh has worked in several local bands recently, including Erika & Sara, Shiloh Nauvoo, and Steadfast, to name a few.

Gerry Hawley started drumming at the age of 4, eventually studying theory under London percussionist Wayne Smith (Gene Krupa) and it is from Wayne that Gerry developed the style that he uses, a hybrid of rock, blues and jazz. He has played in several bands of varying styles, while living in the London and St. Thomas area before moving to Sarnia.  In 2014, Scott and Gerry provided a backing band for Kira-Jade Nixon, dabbling briefly in country music before joining forces with Erika and Sara, adding ‘The Guys’ to their already well established act.